Maths and English GCSE examinations

Maths and English GCSE examinations

Some students at the college will take GCSE examinations in May and June.

The dates for the examinations are as follows:

GCSE Mathematics

  • Paper 1: Friday 19th May
  • Paper 2: Wednesday 7th June
  • Paper 3: Wednesday 14th June

GCSE English

  • Paper 1: Monday 5th June
  • Paper 2: Monday 12th June

Important information

  • All GCSE examinations start at 9am
  • All examinations will take place at the Beaufort Road campus.
  • Please arrive at college no later than 8.30am
  • GCSE examinations cannot be rescheduled. They are nationally set dates and times.
  • A free health snack will be available from 8am
  • You must attend all GCSE examinations to receive a grade
  • The timetable at Tameside College will be suspended each morning of every exam.

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