Travel students to host employer conference

Travel students to host employer conference

Following on from last year's success, Level 3 Travel and Tourism students at Tameside College are hosting another Travel, Tourism and Aviation conference on Wednesday 17th May 2023.

At this year's conference, the students will be exploring the future and evolution of the travel and tourism industry, focusing on the ‘Journey’ they have ahead, as they embark into various roles within the industry.

Employers such as Expedia, EasyJet and Marriot Hotels will be attending, along with guest speakers from a range of well-known companies such as Leonardo Hotels, Manchester Airport Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, Institute of Travel and Tourism, Wheelie Good Travel Company and Inspire Travel.

Beth Flanagan, Travel and Tourism teacher at Tameside College, said: “As a department, we are really looking forward to hosting our 2023 Travel, Tourism and Aviation Conference. We are so proud of what our second year level 3 students have achieved so far and their hard work and planning promises to be a fantastic day for all involved.”

Level 3 Travel and Tourism students at Tameside College said: “The conference is an important event for the college because it will give students the chance to engage with employers from the industry giving us more opportunities. It will also give employers the chance to gain contacts from other businesses and will be an amazing experience.”

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