ESOL Confident Steps to Living in Britain

This course spans six weeks with students attending twice a week. You will learn through a variety of teaching methods which will aim to meet the needs of each individual and accommodate different learning styles for example, group work, practical work, basic writing and interactive activities.

Throughout the course you will study various units. These include:

Making emergency calls, English in my home, popular celebrations, food, money and currency, British homes, neighbourhood, regions and dialect, professions and services in our area.
This course will support students to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills needed to live in Britain. It will also help you to;

●  Understand the three main emergency services and how to make a call during an emergency.

●  Know and practise how to speak English at home when people telephone or visit you.

●  Be able to describe your local area, describing places to see and visit.

●  Know and understand at least two popular celebrations or holidays in Britain.

●  Understand English currency and how to check your change in a shop.
None needed
You will be assessed at the beginning of the course to see if this course will be suitable for you. If you need extra support, we may suggest a course to complete before this course to build your skills and confidence.
After completion of this course you will be able to move to the next ESOL pre-entry course, which is ESOL Step up to Quals, which will give you the skills to possibly move onto an ESOL qualification, depending on the outcome of your assessment.
These courses are available to all adult learners, no matter your employment status, but if you are:
Not in paid employment and receiving a means tested benefit - please bring with you current dated benefit documentation.
In paid employment but with an annual gross salary of less than £23,104 - please bring with you a wage slip dated within 3 months of the start of the course.
Course Code:
Community Education
Tameside Centre for Enterprise

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