Intro to Working with Children

This programme is for people who have a basic knowledge and who want to take their language to a higher level, and for people who are intending to work in a foreign country or entertain foreign visitors in the UK.

The course contents may include:

●  Initiate and develop social contacts

●  Deal with travel situations

●  Handle situations in a restaurant or a social occasion

●  Use health and welfare services

●  Organise accommodation

●  Participate in a discussion and leisure activities
Basic knowledge of the language
Spanish Level 2 plus
These courses are available to all adult learners, no matter your employment status, but if you are:
Not in paid employment and receiving a means tested benefit - please bring with you current dated benefit documentation.
In paid employment but with an annual gross salary of less than £23,104 - please bring with you a wage slip dated within 3 months of the start of the course.
Course Code:
Community Education
Tameside Centre for Enterprise
To Be Confirmed

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