Access to HE Social Science (Law / Criminology)

The Access to HE Diploma is a standard, nationwide qualification at Level 3, which is designed to enable learners from non-traditional educational backgrounds to go to University. The Diploma is made up of a number of units which result in a total of 60 credits, 45 at Level 3 and 15 at Level 2.

The Access to Social Science programme combines modules in Sociology, Psychology, Criminology with Law to provide a programme designed to give learners scope to pursue future careers in either a vocational sphere, such as Social Work, or in a more academic field, undertaking more in-depth study in an area of personal interest.

All students cover the following topics in Sociology and Psychology:

Sociological Theory

The Family

Education & Social Inequality

Social Stratification

Changing Beliefs

Psychological Perspectives

Mental Health

Social Influence



The Criminology pathway includes:

The Origins of Criminology

Crime Statistics

Social Exploitation

Theories of Crime

Reliability of Evidence

The Law pathway includes:

Precedent & Statistical Interpretation


Non-Fatal Offenses

The rule of Tort

The Jury System
Learners are required to have GCSEs at grade 4 or above in both English and Maths.

In addition, should you be considering a career in teaching, you will require at least Grade C (4) in English, Maths and a Science, with some universities requiring Grade B (5 / 6). It is advisable to check with individual universities as to whether further GCSEs are required in any other subjects for your chosen career.

Proficiency in IT would be an advantage to those wishing to join this course. All learners will also be required to undertake an interview.
Please note that successful award of the Access to HE Diploma does not provide guaranteed entry to UK HE programmes.

On completion of the programme, learners usually progress to a university of their choice to study vocational subjects, such as Social Work or Law; or study more academic subjects in more depth, such as Psychology or Sociology. Some learners however, use the qualification to assist them to improve their career prospects.
£3,022 Advanced Learner Loan Available

If you are aged between 19-23 and you don’t have a qualification equivalent to 2 A-Levels, tuition fees will be waived. If aged 19-23, and you do have a qualification equivalent to 2 A-Levels at the start of the course see the section on Advanced Learner loans, or tuition fees are payable. If you are aged over 23 at the start of the course see the section on Advanced Learner loans, or tuition fees are payable.
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