Engineering Maths and Science (HE Bridging Course) Level 3 Advanced

The Access to Higher Education (HE) course is designed to bridge the gap between any Non-BTEC level 3 courses and a Higher National Certificate / Diploma (HNC / HND). Non- BTEC courses are those such as City and Guilds (G&G) or EAL Level 3 Diploma.

The traditional route to HE is via a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering (previously known as an ONC). These courses would contain several maths and science topics that are not covered in other level 3 courses. In order for Non- BTEC Level 3 students to progress it is necessary that the void left by the absence of technical calculation is filled.

For this purpose Unit 331 was designed by C&G to give these students the opportunity to develop their maths and science levels sufficiently to enable them to progress onto one of our HE programs. It is a nationally recognised qualification offering career progression and professional development for those already in employment and opportunities to progress into HE.

There is 1 unit to complete over year.

331- Advanced Mathematics and Science

To pass the course all learners will be able to:

Perform calculations involving, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics.

Perform tests to determine stress, strain and elasticity of materials.

Solve problems involving kinematics, dynamics, bending beams and fluids.

Demonstrate the effects of electromagnetism and alternating current.
A level 3 technical Certificate such as C&G Level 3 Diploma in Engineering,


You must be enrolled on the second year of a C&G Level 3 Diploma in Engineering or other level 3 technical Certificate.


Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis for mature learners who have been in the engineering sector for several year who require a maths boost before undertaking a HNC in either Mechanical/Electrical engineering.
Higher National Certificate/Diploma (HNC or HND) in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical / Electronic Engineering.

Full Time or Day release
Tuition fees are payable by all students. Discounted fees are not available.
Course Code:
Beaufort Road
1 Year
(Wed 17:15-19:15)

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