Level 3 Esports

Ready to Level Up? Welcome to the Next Level: Level 3 Esports at Tameside College!

Step into the electrifying world of e-sports, where every pixel pulsates with passion and every play holds the promise of profit! With an audience of over 215 million in 2018 and a projected surge to 307 million by 2021, e-sports isn't just a game—it's a global powerhouse ascending faster than a speeding power-up! And guess what? We're not just spectators; we're architects of this digital revolution!

Our Level 2 course isn't your typical run-of-the-mill curriculum: it's your VIP pass to the epicentre of digital sports domination. It spans 2 years and will provide you with, not only the pathway to continue into higher education at university, but also opportunities for apprenticeships and work placements!

Ever fantasized about becoming the ultimate digital influencer? Your dream is about to become reality! Our course isn't just about understanding the e-sports phenomenon; it's about equipping you with the skills and knowledge to etch your name into the annals of gaming greatness!

But wait, there's more! Grab hold of your controllers because we're not just about theory—we're about action! Picture this: competitive gameplay, Esports National tournaments, weekly gaming showdowns, coaching sessions, and skill development galore! It's time to dive headfirst into the adrenaline-pumping world of e-sports, where innovation and competition collide

Introduction to Esports

Esports Skills, Strategies and Analysis

Producing an Esports Brand

Business Applications of Esports in Social Media

Enterprise and Entrepreurship in the Esports Industry

Games Design

Health, Wellbeing and Fitness for Esports Players

Esports Events

Video Production

Live Streamed Broadcasting


Nutrition for Esports Performance

Ethical and Current Issues in Esports

Computer Networking

Customer Immersion

Whether you're a seasoned pro itching to elevate your game or a fresh face ready to embark on an epic gaming odyssey, strap in and prepare to ascend to the highest echelons of e-sports glory with our Level 3 Esports Course!
Your experience here includes learning top industry software tools such as Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity and Office 365. Plus access to our custom E-Sports Lab, with the latest consoles and workstations to develop your skills and for Esports events.

You will utilise the Esports Lab using high-end computers, that feature Intel i7 Processors, NVidia 2070 graphics cards, SSDs, and 32GB DDR4 RAM. On 240hz Monitors for a buttery smooth battle experience!

Expect to receive personalized support with an Individual Learning Plan and dedicated personal progress Tutors to ensure you pass with flying colours!

We also run weekly Esports events through the British Esports Association and host professional games weekly for our College Esports Team. This will give you an incredible experience of what it’s like to engage in team events locally, nationally and globally.

There is also the opportunity to provide learners with access to expert talks from companies like PwC, Guild Esports and EA! We also plan events and fun and inspiring trips for learners to go on throughout the year!
5 GCSE grades at 4 or above. You will be interviewed for this course and should be enthusiastic about working in the computing sector and able to participate in work experience.

If you have not achieved a Grade 4 in your GCSE maths and/or GCSE English Language, you must continue working towards achieving these GCSE qualifications.

If you have achieved a Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in maths and/or English, you are no longer required to continue to study and work towards achieving your GCSE Grade 4 in maths and/or English.
All units are ‘paperless’ with assignment submission, marking and feedback all provided through our Virtual Learning Environment. We use a wide range of assessment methods such as discussions, presentations, written work, video and audio evidence. These are so that you learn the necessary skills that you would expect to have when entering the Esports Industry
On completion of the first year of Level 3 you will progress onto the second year of the course which is referring to as the Extended Diploma, and once the second year is complete the complete Level 3 Extended Diploma has the equivalent UCAS credit as 3 A levels.

This will give learners the opportunity to then progress and apply for a number of exciting pathways such:

· University at undergraduate level e.g., BSc Games Technology, BSc Esports Management etc.

· The BRAND NEW High National Level 4 Esports Course which Tameside College has introduced (search for Esports Level 4 for more information on this pathway).

· Employment within the IT/ Computing sector such as web development, competitive gaming, e-sports promoter, e-sports/social media influencer and digital marketer. Part of our course is that we explore the potential opportunities available when embarking on this exciting career path and the skills, knowledge and behaviour expected.

· We try our best to provide our learners with access to apprenticeships and work placements to give them the best chance of experiencing work life within the industry. We also support learners to take action themselves in discovering new opportunities by reaching out to potential companies that are local to the area.

· Self-Employment – The digital age provides our learners with a low barrier to entry, meaning working in the Esports industry can mean simply having access to a computer and internet connection and the willingness to try! This could span a huge range of roles such as Esports digital marketing, Esports Journalist, Streaming Gameplay, Shoutcasting, Influencer Marketing, Event promoter, or even become a professional Esports Athlete!

We actively support learners on their pathway to higher level study. We work closely with our learners through the UCAS process or assisting with applications for apprenticeships or career pathways.

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