A level Government and Politics

This is a full time study programme. Throughout the course you will study 3 units in total. These include:

UK Politics

UK Government

Global Politics

You will sit an exam for each of the 3 units of study.

The results for each paper will be combined and aggregated by the exam board and will result in one overall grade.

You will learn through a variety of teaching methods which will aim to meet the needs of each individual and accommodate different learning styles for example, case studies, assessments, group work, practical work, projects, extended writing and interactive activities.
Learners will have the opportunity to

●  develop knowledge and an informed understanding of contemporary political structures and issues in their historical context, both within the United Kingdom (UK) and globally

●  develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, institutions and processes

●  develop knowledge and an informed understanding of the influences and interests which have an impact on decisions in government and politics

●  develop knowledge and an informed understanding of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups ●  develop the ability to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate political information to form arguments and make judgements

●  develop an interest in, and engagement with, contemporary politics.
●  You will be assessed through formal written assessment

●  There are 9 Formal assessments, including 3 written examinations in year 1 and 8 formal assessments including 3 written examinations in year 2.
On successful completion of this qualification you can progress onto:

An A Level in Politics can naturally lead to further studies at university, including degrees Politics, History, Economics, Philosophy and Law. Those who have studied Politics have often progressed onto careers in law, advertising, the civil service, Police, Armed Forces, Education, Health, Law and anything else the government makes decisions about, which is almost anything!

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