A Level Physics

This is a full time study programme. You will sit a set of exams at the end of the second year. You will learn through a variety of teaching methods which will aim to meet the needs of each individual and accommodate different learning styles for example, case studies, assessments, group work, practical work, projects.

Throughout the course you will study 6 units in total. These include:

Motion and forces, electricity, quantum mechanics, simple harmonic motion, field theory and radiation.
If you are interested in making the fundamental forces that shape our universe, the underpinnings not only of science but of reality itself, then Physics A level is the only course that will satisfy. This somewhat theoretical course will take you through all the major ideas that underpin our understanding of the world around us, from Newtonian mechanics through Einsteinian relativity all the way to the modern discoveries of the large hadron collider.

Throughout the course there is ample opportunity for both scientific demonstrations, as well as in-depth, multi stage investigations both led by and analysed by student groups. You will get to handle radioactive isotopes, work with 5,000V and investigate the behaviours of the very smallest of particles.

This challenging, mathematical course is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are great as it provides not only the skills that employers are crying out for, and leads to some of the most sought-after careers in the country, but also reveals the secrets of the cosmos.
You will be assessed through 3 exams at the end of your second year.
On successful completion of this qualification you can progress onto:

●  A degree in Physics, engineering, astrophysics, architecture, geology.

●  Apprenticeships in a range of industries, such as oil and gas, telecommunications, aerospace or defence.

●  Become a pilot in the RAF

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