A Level Business Studies

This will be one of three or four A Levels you will study over two years. You will sit examinations in year 2. Business is the study of organisational management within an economic context. The course covers a wide range of topics including the major functional areas of businesses and organisations, with a theme of analysis and strategic decision-making, running throughout.

In year one, you will learn the basic principles of how the UK economy works and how organisations attempt to succeed in an ever-changing political and economic environment. This includes tactical approaches towards leadership and management, business marketing, operations and finance, as well as Human Resources (the management of people). In year two, you will deepen your understanding of business management through exploring how businesses develop strategy through the use of theoretical modelling and analysis.
Have you ever wondered how the world around you just seems to work? How what should be absolute chaos, is in fact at least on the surface, order. Why do you buy the things you do? Why do you pay the price you pay and how did you get to know about them in the first place? Business attempts to answer these questions through studying a wide range of businesses working in a multiple markets, from big tech, to fashion retail, banking and finance, and many more.

An understanding of organisational management can help address many of the technical, social and ethical challenges facing society, from the environment and sustainability, to social justice issues including; workers’ rights, fair and equal pay and consumer protections.

This course will help develop your analytical skills, financial and numerical acumen, as well as building the knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the working world.

If you have an interest in the economy, current affairs, and the vast array of innovative products and services around you, then this is the course for you.

There are a number of opportunities for educational trips including;

●  London – City of London financial district, Canary Wharf and the Houses of Parliament

●  World Brand Museum

●  Blackpool Pleasure Beach including a working lunch with Finance and Marketing Directors.
5 GCSE’s at grade 4 or above
You will be regularly assessed by your teachers throughout both years, including a number of mock examinations.

Your A Level qualification is based upon three two-hour examinations at the end of the second year, which are externally assessed by the exam board.
This qualification will allow you to further your study through degree level study in related fields including; accountancy, business management, international trade, commercial law, marketing, banking and finance, amongst others.

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