Level 1 Plumbing

This programme is the first step to gaining a qualification in the Construction Industry, specifically in the role of a plumber

The course covers the following units:

●  Structure of the construction industry

●  Fundamental safe working practices

●  Environmental and sustainability measures

●  Site preparation for working in the construction industry

●  Above ground drainage

●  Copper pipework

●  Plastic pressure pipe

●  Low carbon steel pipework

●  Installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems

If you are interested in choosing a career in Plumbing, Tameside College is the place for you.

We have industry specialised tutors that will help facilitate you towards a plumbing career, these will aid you and guide you to your chosen career by providing you with all the skills, knowledge and practice required. This will maximise your potential as a plumber within the construction industry.

Tameside College has recently invested in a wide range of tooling and specialist work areas that reflect the workplace.

Tameside college is a front runner when it comes to VLE. (Virtual Learning Environment) we have tutors that are specialised in delivering online learning alongside traditional classroom learning and practical hands on learning. Learners will gain experience and knowledge of using online resources alongside the practical elements of the plumbing course.

Plumbing is an exciting and challenging career with lots of pathways attached to the plumbing industry. The course will combine numerous core skills such as communication, organisation, planning as well as practical skills. The course will give you the knowledge and skills to progress into a higher qualification.

If you choose to participate on the level 1 plumbing course, you will be taught how to cut into steel pipe using stocks and dies in order to make a threaded joint. You will be taught how to fabricate steel pipe frames by using the latest machinery and equipment.

On the level 1 plumbing course you will be taught how to join copper pipe using the different jointing techniques be it compression joints, push-fit joints to soldered capillary joints.

By the end of your level 1 you will be familiar with all aspects of the plumbing industry from fixing taps to bending copper, from installing guttering to fitting radiators.

The level 1 plumbing qualification will give you a very good understanding of plumbing and it will prepare you very well for progression onto the level 2 Technical Certificate.
● An Individual Learning Plan will be designed for your needs

● You will work with the latest industry tooling from companies like Rothenberger and Monument.

● You will be producing knowledge-based work in a classroom using the latest online technology

● You will be working at your own speed towards set targets in a non-pressured environment.

● The practical work you produce will be taught to you at a very high standard

● You will be kept up to date with your progression and course tracking,

● You will be made to feel comfortable, your tutor will always be there for advice and guidance
4 GCSEs grade 3 - 1 including English and Maths.

●  a successful interview with a tutor

●  the ability to study independently

●  a genuine interest in the subject

●  good communication skills
Assessment is ongoing throughout the duration of the course. All units will be assessed via your knowledge of specific units (Theory based exams) Skills (Practical based assessments) and your overall attitude and behaviour towards the course.
●  Level 2 Plumbing Diploma

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