Adult Maths

Mathematics covers a wide range of skills grouped into five areas:

●  Number

●  Algebra

●  Shape, space and measure

●  Data handling

●  Using and applying maths

While studying mathematics students will be taught how to:

●  Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems

●  Use logic and reason to solve problems

●  Break down problems into small steps in order to solve them

●  Use mathematics to solve problems that might happen in real life

●  Learn how to use a calculator to solve problems quickly and effectively

This course is demanding and fast paced. You need to be willing to work independently for two to three hours a week in addition to attending your class regularly. Your teachers will be supportive and will guide you to resources that will help you. You need to practise your skills regularly in order to pass the associated exams.
Mathematics is an essential skill, crucial to gain employment and access Further Education. Students of this course will learn to use mathematical methods and concepts to make informed decisions and solve problems in real-life situations, recognising the importance of mathematics in their own lives and to society.

Tameside College is one of only 21 Centres for Excellence in Maths and so our mathematics provision is based on the latest teaching approaches with quality teaching resources.

●  Experienced teachers who are dedicated to producing high-quality and engaging lessons and resources that will help you practise your skills

●  A comprehensive digital learning experience to support your lessons

●  A friendly and supportive environment, where teachers will help you build a growth mind-set and a can do attitude

●  A comprehensive diagnostic assessment leading to an individualised learning plan highlighting your strengths and weaknesses

●  Regular reviews of your learning so that you are able to monitor and track your progress, allowing you to take ownership of your learning

●  If required, close work with the Additional Learning Support team at Tameside College where an Individual Learning Plan will be designed for your needs
There are no formal entry requirements to access this course. You will be assessed at the start of the course to ensure you are on the right Maths pathway for your current level.
Formative assessment takes places at regular intervals throughout the year to help prepare you for the external Summer exam.

Mock exams with robust feedback.

GCSE exams are usually in the Summer (May/June). We ask that learners do not book holidays during these months.
Access to Higher Education or a range of Level 3 qualifications.
Course Code:
English & Maths
Beaufort Road
1 Year

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