Level 2 Brickwork

You will study the following mandatory content:

●  principles of construction

●  building cavity walls

●  building solid walls and piers

●  constructing basic arches

●  setting out buildings.

The units are designed so that you learn the underlying principles and practical skills involved, as well as getting an

overview of the principles of construction, building technology and terminology used.
This Level 2 Technical Certificate in Bricklaying is aimed at you if you are looking to work in the construction industry specifically as a craftsperson in bricklaying. A bricklayer has the skills and knowledge to build or repair walls in accordance with construction plans. They may also build or refurbish arches or other structures; therefore, they play an important part of any construction team. You will gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge that are important when you are working as a bricklayer or progressing to further learning and training in this area. This qualification is suitable if you are 16 years old, or over. Your timetable will consist of around 70% practical skills, 20% theoretical understanding and 10% employment and wider life skills.

This includes the requirement of Employer engagement, along with English and Math's. Students also can also take part in sport and enrichment activities alongside their course, this will also include educational site trips and visits.

You can easily transfer from a study program onto a Brickwork apprenticeship course. There will be dedicated individual/self-study time which needs to be supported by your own study out of the College learning environments. Home study is also a key element of all our courses and will involve you using Microsoft Teams for independent study and learning which is a vital element of preparation for your final exam.

There are opportunities to demonstrate your skills and abilities through skills competitions. You will need your own personal protective equipment including safety boots and work clothing (you can purchase these from our approved suppliers at a discounted rate). Although all other tools and equipment are provided, you will need to purchase a tape measure and stationery items for use in the classroom such as folders, A4 lined pad, pens, pencils, and rulers.
Level 1 Brickwork, 3 or 4 subjects at grade 3 including English and Maths
During the course, your practical skills will be assessed continuously to prepare you for your final synoptic assessment. You will sit an externally set exam that will consist of short answer, multiple choice, and detailed command verb questions.

All your combined grades will then be calculated to provide you with a final overall failure, pass, merit, distinction, or distinction star grade. This will be shown on your certificate.

Important to note: you will only be given one opportunity to re-sit the external exam.
Level 3 Technical Diploma in Brickwork

Apprenticeship Bricklaying

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