Introduction to Sports Massage

This is a 10-week study programme which covers the basics of sports massage.

The units are assessed internally by subject specialist teachers. This course consists of a mix of theory and practical assessments which are carried out in our brand new, high street, commercial clinics.

Some of the topics you will cover over the 10 weeks are, health and safety, consultation, postural assessment, range of movement, pre-event, post event massage & maintenance massage and their effects & benefits and aftercare.

You will also be required to wear salon uniform or professional dress when attending the course.
Introduction to aromatherapy offers an exciting and challenging career in a fast paced industry. Allowing you the flexibility to work to develop your own unique business as well as future employment.

The course includes a variety of practical and theory classes alongside commercial salon sessions
You will be interviewed by subject specialist teachers and should demonstrate enthusiasm about a career in the beauty industry.
You will be assessed by various methods of assessment including practical assessments, short tests and written tasks.
On successful completion of this qualification you can progress onto:

●  Level 3 Sports massage

●  Level 3 Swedish massage

●  Level 3 body massage

●  Freelance work
Tuition fees will be waived if:
(Not in paid employment)
You are unemployed, seeking work and in receipt of a means tested benefit.
Or economically inactive – (GM Residents only). If you are unemployed and seeking work, but are not in receipt of a means tested benefit.

(In paid employment)
You receive a means tested benefit accepted by the college; are working less than 20 hours per week and have an income of £343 per month (individual claims) or £549 per month (household claims).
You earn less than £23,104 annual gross salary
AND the course you are studying will help you find or improve your employment

This also applies to all courses labelled level 1 or 2F.
Course Code:
Hair, Beauty & Complementary Therapies
Tameside One
10 weeks
(Thu 14:00-17:00)

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