Apprenticeship Standard Hair Professional Level 2

This occupation is found in the hair and beauty sector. The work environment is always customer facing, can be varied in size, style and ambiance, from a small micro salon to a large high street premises.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to provide a range of hairdressing services that meet client requirements, that are based on a comprehensive consultation, applicable industry tests, whilst maintaining exceptional client care skills, safe working practices, meeting legal, industry and organisation standards, procedures and protocols. Hairdressing Professionals are creative, passionate, and driven professionals who work without supervision. They provide a quality service, whilst working to the highest standards and continuously developing their personal and professional skills. A Hairdressing Professional works in the hairdressing industry, which is one of the largest, most trusted and fashion forward professions. They take ownership of their work and client lists, accept responsibility, are proactive, flexible and adaptable, plan their work and time, they aim for excellence by taking exceptional pride in their work and industry.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a wide and diverse range of clients, the salon team, other associated hair and beauty professionals. They should also be able to promote themselves, their organisation, products and services using a variety of channels.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for demonstrating industry standards of professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills, teamwork, retail and selling skills for clients. Completing a range of hairdressing services to create a variety of looks.

You will be able o=to perfrom the following duities:

Duty 1?Provide a positive impression of yourself, organisation and the hairdressing industry.

Duty 2? Adhere to health and safety, infection control, legal, industry and organisational requirements, industry protocols and manufacturer instructions.

Duty 3 Advise, consult, examine and analyse the hair, skin and scalp.

Duty 4?Shampoo, condition and treat hair and scalp.

Duty 5?Cut hair using a range of techniques to create a variety of looks.

Duty 6?Style, set, dress and finish hair using a variety of techniques to create a variety of looks.

Duty 7?Change the hair classification type by one classification using chemical services

Duty 8?Perform a range of chemical services to change the colour depth and tone.

Duty 9?Use, apply and recommend a range of products, tools and equipment for a range of services.

Duty 10?Maintain up to date knowledge and skills of new and emerging hairstyles, trends, techniques, products, tools and equipment.
Apprentice have the opportunity to engage in enrichment activities and will complete personal development topics.

Employers support the delivery of the apprenticeship standards and provide workshops for specific skills, knowledge and behaviours and current trends.

Guest speakers attended workshops provide career advice and guidance.
Maths and English at Grade E/2, or above or Level E3 functional skills or above.

You will be interviewed, screened and complete work trial. Your screening assessment for Maths and English you need to achieve Level 1 in both maths and English.
You will be assessed through a variety of assessment methods including assignment, exams, portfolio building, observation at college and workplace and mock end point assessment.

You will complete End point assessment in the last 3 months of your apprenticeship, and you will be assessed by 3 methods. Online multiple-choice test, practical assessment with questioning and interview underpinned by portfolio of evidence.

Your End point assessment is a graded you can achieve a Pass, merit or Distinction.
On successful completion of this qualification, you can progress onto:

- Advanced Apprenticeship Creative hair professionals

- Intermediate Apprenticeship Barbering

- Self-employed stylist

- Employed Stylist

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