Aspirations Dovestones

Aspirations Dovestones

Aspirations Dovestones provides and delivers highly individualised, competency-based contents of education whereby the learners’ achievements can be transferred and maintained in their adulthood.

All learners with severe or profound, multiple learning disabilities have a designed study programme to meet the needs of the individual’s Educational and Health Care Plan, where their interests and long-term goals are considered. Within the person-centred timetable the learners will have access to a wide range of subjects and opportunities where they can develop essential skills which will allow them to reach out their full potential.

Communication and Social Interaction

All study programmes highlighted aim to develop each learner’s communication skills, dissolving the frustration and isolation, promoting their social interaction and participation in their community. Our college applies total communication approach and a wide range of Alternative and Augmentative Techniques e.g. PECS, Intensive Interaction, object of reference, signing, symbols, communicators.

Independence and Employability

Aspirations independence and employability study programmes contain a range of different sessions to promote independence skills, develop communication and social interaction skills in order to develop self-awareness and self –esteem to facilitate personal progress, as highlighted within their EHCP plan. Learners will develop communications skills, creative skills, life and work skills in order to maximise their potential. This could lead to progression to supported employment and or further learning.

Study Programmes could include a range of the following:

Multi-Sensory and/or TEACCH based sessions

  • Drama
  • Sensology
  • TacPac
  • Music and Dance
  • IT
  • Body Awareness
  • Communication
  • Exploring the World
  • Developing Movements
  • Exploring the World
  • Yoga & Mindfulness
  • Art

Life Skills/ Personal Skill, embedding Literacy & Numeracy

  • Shopping for Daily Living
  • Life skills
  • Community
  • Horticulture
  • Independent Living skills
  • Enrichment
  • Art
  • Sport-Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • ICT
  • Sensory Integration
  • Swimming

Employability Skills

  • Work Placement
  • Volunteer Projects
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Work Skills
  • Being Healthy
  • Horticulture Enterprise
  • Enterprise
  • Team Building
  • DOE