New gaming computers to supercharge students’ careers

New gaming computers to supercharge students’ careers

Tameside College is investing in its students’ future careers with the creation of new computer ‘gaming suites’, to keep up with an ever changing industry.

The new facility, which forms part of the college’s Tameside One campus, features three rooms of computers capable of running the latest games, programs and 3D modelling software. This will provide hands-on experience of the technology used by professionals in the IT and computing industries.

According to a UK government report, the digital sector contributes £118 billion to the economy annually and is set to grow by up to ten percent over the next four years.

Daniel Evans, head of department for computing, said: “It is important that students use the latest technology to gain greater insight into their future careers. This new investment will allow Tameside College to keep up with one of the fastest changing industries in the UK and allow our students to stand out to potential employers or universities. I hope that this investment will attract new applicants to the college and show that we are one of the best providers of digital focused courses in Greater Manchester.”

Kiao Hill, IT and software development student at Tameside College, said: “The new computers in the college have vastly improved my experience of the course. I feel lucky to be using them as they are a great facility and are helping me to do my work more effectively. It’s clear that the teachers want to give us an edge in our careers.”

To find out more about computing courses at Tameside College, call 0161 908 6600.

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